Scott & Wallace recovers $1.2 Million for Elderly Couple Struck by Underinsured Motorist

Our clients were traveling the speed limit down Interstate 10 when an underinsured motorist entered the highway and attempted an illegal U-Turn. The result was a high impact, roll over collision. After retaining Scott & Wallace, we filed suit against the at-fault driver and the uninsured motorist carriers. During 10 months of litigation, the uninsured motorist carriers raised numerous defenses, including arguing that our clients were not belted at the time of the accident. After proving that the seatbelts were cut through by first responders during the emergency extraction of our clients from their vehicle thus indicating they were in use and retaining four expert witness who stood ready to establish the magnitude of our clients injuries and damages, the last uninsured motorist carrier finally settled for the policy limits bringing the sum recovered to $1.2 Million.