Scott & Wallace Donations to J. Michael Conley Elementary School Surpass $10,000

A partnership for the betterment of our community. That was our goal back in 2018 when we, Scott & Wallace, saw a need to support J. Michael Conley Elementary School, and that is still our goal today six years later. 

Although the number has been on the decline, almost 17% of Leon County residents still face poverty, according to the latest U.S. Census estimates. Even more concerning, the Tallahassee Democrat reports that 1 in 3 children do not have access to healthy and nutritious meals.

The Leon County School’s food pantry offers dependable meal sources for students in need but is stocked 100% by donation. We are proud to say that since our first, memorable check presentation in 2018 of $1,500 to J. Michael Conley Elementary School food pantry, our donations have only grown, totaling an extraordinary $10,000 over our six-year relationship.

“The donations from Scott & Wallace to the Conley food pantry have helped numerous families over the last six years,” says Principal Threadgill of J. Michael Coney Elementary School. “We use the money to provide food for children to take home on the weekends as well as for providing clean socks and underwear for students in need.” 

We are humbled and honored to be able to provide support for a serious need in our community and bring meals to the students of Leon County Schools. It is our hope that as a community we can band together to ensure no child has to go to school hungry.

“After six years supporting the Conley food pantry, we recognize that we’ve donated over $10,000 to this cause which has proven to be very meaningful and impactful to the school community,” said Robert Scott, Partner at Scott & Wallace. “We thank Principal Threadgill, the teachers, and staff who have ensured that these funds have been properly utilized and put to good use. Now that we’re fully aware of the food deserts in Leon County, we look forward to doing our best to address them. We invite others to support wherever they are compelled so we can make a difference in our community together.”

To get involved and make a difference in the life of a child by making a donation to J. Michael Coney Elementary School at Southwood Food Pantry, contact Kelli Walker at or (850) 510-9736.