Premises Liability – Slips and Falls

Accidents happen every day. Often people slip and fall on properties where there are slippery or uneven floors, defective stairs, unruly electrical cords, or icy surfaces and sidewalks. If you have been injured from a slip and fall, trip and fall or some other type of accident on someone else’s property in North Florida or Southwest Georgia, Scott & Wallace are here to help you through the steps you need to take to get proper compensation.

What is Premises Liability?

Premises Liability is a legal term that concerns claims where the property owner or party that is responsible for the property where damages or injuries have been suffered. Slips and falls make up the majority of premises liability claims.

There are three ways to categorize an injured party. The first category is an invitee, e.g., someone who is invited to the property for the financial gain of the property owner. This usually concerns a customer, shopper, or employee. This person is owed the highest level of care, so it is important that the property communicates knowledge about any dangers on the property that should be avoided.

The next category is a licensee; this is someone who has a lawful reason to be on the property, such as a guest. Property owners are legally required to communicate any dangers on the property. The third category is a trespasser, and the property owner normally is required to do nothing beyond not generating intentional harm to the trespasser.
How do I know if a property owner acted irresponsibly?

Negligence must be proven, so this means that there is evidence the property owner failed to act or inform the visitor of any danger or risky locations on the property. However, victims can also be found negligent. The court will consider the victim’s reason for being on the property, the possibility that the victim ignored warning signs or barriers, the possibility that the victim was distracted, and whether the victim took proper precautions, such as holding onto a handrail or walking with caution. All of these questions will be examined to properly diagnose the validity of your case.

Does insurance cover my slip or fall?

The majority of property owners have insurance that covers slips and falls. Most often a settlement can be reached with the insurance provider within a reasonable amount. It is important if you are the victim or property owner that you contact your insurance company. You should also contact an attorney to be sure all aspects of this incident are covered appropriately.

What do I do first?

If you are the property owner where someone has been injured, it is extremely important to immediately express care and concern. Next, contact your insurance agent, as well as an attorney, to take the next steps. Do not wait until a negligence case is filed against you. If you are the victim of a slip or fall, seek medical care as soon as possible, and contact your attorney. Do not delay seeking medical attention. This is important so you can prove injury and negligence and be compensated as deserved.

Property owners must ensure their property is free of danger. If you have been injured or suffered from a slip and fall incident on someone else’s property in North Florida or Southwest Georgia, contact Scott & Wallace today — we are prepared to aggressively pursue your claim.