Dog Bites and Attacks

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but dog bites and dog attacks are commonly the sources of very serious personal injury claims.

At Scott & Wallace, we handle these claims in both Florida and Georgia, and the laws in each state are very different.

In Florida, strict liability is the governing legal principle. This means that a dog owner is automatically responsible for the damage his or her dog may cause another. This means that an injured plaintiff must only prove 1) that the defendant was the owner of the dog and 2) the damages he or she suffered during the bite or attack.

In Georgia, negligence principles still govern. However, Georgia law essentially allows a dog “one free bite”. In other words, the dog owner must have some knowledge or reason to believe that his or her dog is vicious or dangerous.  Without evidence or a prior bite, attack, or documented vicious behavior by the dog, it can be very difficult to hold a dog owner liable for damages his or her dog may cause.

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