Protected: What You Should Know about Large Truck Wrecks

When large commercial trucks are involved in an accident, serious injury or even death can occur. Unfortunately, the number of large truck wrecks on a yearly basis is quite large. If you have been involved in a large truck wreck that was not your fault, you might be entitled to compensation.

Commercial truck drivers need to comply with a specific set of safety rules while on the job. These are federally mandated. They are required to follow certain protocols in order to protect themselves and others from injury while on the road. However, if drivers fail to follow the rules and an accident occurs, they and the company they are working for can be held responsible.

While there are many factors that can cause an accident, failure to follow the standards and regulations for commercial trucks is the primary reason. In this article, we will take a look at the rules that trucking companies and their drivers must follow in order to ensure the safety of both their employees and the motoring public.

Standards and Regulations in the Trucking Industry

Truck Maintenance and Repair

When it comes to repairing and maintaining a commercial truck, the company and the driver have the sole responsibility. Every year, major accidents occur because of maintenance issues with brakes and safety lighting. Any mechanical defects on a truck should be fixed before the vehicle is deemed operational and safe to use. If a company or a driver ignores any technical issues the truck might have, they can be held liable if an accident occurs.

Driving During Bad Weather

Driving during heavy fog, heavy rain, or a snowstorm is dangerous and should be avoided. However, commercial trucks follow a schedule and often need to be on the road even under bad weather conditions. Truckers are required to either drastically reduce their speed or completely stop during bad weather. If they have failed to do that and an accident occurs, they can be held responsible.

Designated Parking Areas

An improperly parked commercial truck can cause serious accidents with oncoming traffic. Trucks need to be parked only in designated areas. If that is not possible, drivers are required to place warning triangles or flaggers to alert other drivers of a possible road obstruction.

Driving Only a Certain Number of Hours per Day

Tired and fatigued truck drivers are one of the main causes of large truck wrecks. Regulations state that truckers are only permitted to drive a certain number of hours per day. If the company forces them to drive beyond those hours and an accident occurs, then both the driver and the company can be held liable.

Securing Cargo In or On a Truck

Failing to properly secure cargo within or on top of a truck can cause deadly accidents on the road. Regulations are in place to ensure that cargo cannot spill out or cause the vehicle to lose its balance. If an accident involving cargo occurs, the company and driver can be held responsible for not securing it properly.


While most truckers are professionals who adhere to the standards mentioned above, there are many who are inexperienced, overworked, or, to be blunt, irresponsible. If you have been involved in a large truck wreck and want to seek compensation, you need professional representation. Give Scott & Wallace a call and let us discuss your case.