Scott & Wallace Hosts Child Passenger Safety Event with City of Tallahassee Police Department

Car accidents are the leading cause of death of children in the United States. With the number of travelers on the road expected to rise during the holiday season, Scott & Wallace teamed up with the City of Tallahassee Police Department to host a virtual event, ‘Secure Your Sleigh,’ on Tuesday, December 8th for community members. The critical topic: child passenger safety.

Accident and Injury Law Attorneys, Scott & Wallace, have seen the devastation parents experience when losing a child in a car accident. They have also seen the immense relief parents experience when their child walks away from a car accident virtually unscathed thanks to a properly manufactured and installed child restraint seat.

“All too often we hear of children being seriously injured, or worse, because of improper car seat installation. As community members purposed with making a difference, we felt a partnership with the City of Tallahassee Police Department was right on time,” said Robert Scott, Partner of Scott & Wallace.

The City of Tallahassee Police Department takes community relations seriously with the safety of the community a keystone goal. To that end, helping to prevent serious injury and fatalities on the roadways is always a top-of-mind priority.  Because many parents/caregivers may be unaware that improper car seat installation can put their children in danger, the Child Passenger Safety Program was born out of a need to educate the community. By appointment, nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians assist and educate parents/caregivers about proper car seat installation. They have simplified the car seat installation process into the following key factors: selection, location, direction, harnessing and lockability.

During the ‘Secure Your Sleigh’ child passenger safety virtual event, hosted by Scott & Wallace, Deputy Chief Tonja Bryant-Smith, Community Relations Officer, Henni Hamby, and Child Passenger Safety Instructor, Jody Henderson, joined forces with Scott & Wallace to showcase a child safety restraint demonstration among three age groups: infant, toddler, and youth. The virtual demonstration and inspection checkpoint encouraged online viewers to ask questions and gave them the opportunity to see first-hand the key components of child restraints for children of different ages and sizes.

“Our Child Passenger Safety Program is here for the community, and we have no doubt the event today hosted by Scott & Wallace will educate and save lives,” said TPD Chief Lawrence Revell.

The TPD Special Operation Bureau also conducts large-scale child safety seat checkpoints at various locations throughout the year.



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Tallahassee Police Department

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Operational Support Unit – Traffic


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