Pedestrian Accidents

In Georgia, there were 348 pedestrians that injured fatal injuries due to vehicle accidents in 2021. While in Florida there were 444 pedestrian deaths which is the second-highest count in the US following California. Pedestrian accidents are extremely common and can be prevented if you follow a few rules of the road (and sidewalk). 

Pedestrian Safety Tips

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website provides precautionary measures to help prevent tragic accidents and protect your family and loved ones. A few of these tips include; finding the nearest sidewalk – this tip may seem obvious to most, but can be difficult in some locations. It is important to walk facing traffic as well as a fair distance away from the oncoming vehicles. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears alert at all times, and avoid loud music in headphones or texting while walking near a high traffic area. Do your best to be visible at all times while walking near a busy road, and wear bright colors and reflective clothing items when possible.

Motorist Safety Tips

As you can see, there are measures pedestrians can take to keep themselves safe. There are also many things that someone behind the wheel can do to prevent accidents involving pedestrians. As a driver, be prepared to stop at any time. It is your job to be aware of your surroundings and yield to all pedestrians. It is important to keep a slow and cautious speed around crosswalks and slow your speed far enough away from a pedestrian to allow yourself the ability to stop at any time. If you are in a high pedestrian area, keep your eyes alert and your music and phone down. If you see a vehicle yielding near a crosswalk, you should yield as well because there may be a pedestrian crossing that is not visible to you. Do not pass a yielding car. Being cautious means driving slower, and being a few minutes late is okay if you are keeping yourself and others safe. 

The majority of pedestrian accidents occur between the hours of 4 PM and 7:59 PM when the evening commute has commenced. If you can, avoid walking at this time, especially in high-traffic areas.

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