Florida State University School’s Innovative STEAM Building Tour Takes Surprising Twist

In preparation for a fall launch of Florida State University School’s innovative STEAM building, FSUS Superintendent, Stacy Chambers, partnered with local personal injury attorneys Scott & Wallace, most notably recognized for their support of education, to conduct a hard hat tour of the new venue. While touring, Supt. Chambers revealed the real reason for inviting Scott & Wallace to attend was to announce FSUS High School Principal, Megan Brink, as the August Principal of the Month.

Proudly serving as Principal since 2004, Brink has secured FSUS as an A-rated school for sixteen years, as well as maintained above average FSA scores K-12. An extremely surprised and overjoyed Brink at the time of the surprise announcement,     “I had no clue! I am so excited and honestly had no idea this was coming. Very thankful to be so appreciated for the work we’ve been able to accomplish over the years.” 

Brink has overseen the progress of the STEAM building aimed to educate, engage, and inspire the students in areas of STEAM – science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. The STEAM building is located on the FSUS campus and will provide a central gathering place for FSUS students, university researchers, and the surrounding community.

The 703 seat auditorium will be second in the area only to Ruby Diamond Auditorium and has the ability to hold an orchestra pit, as well multi-media and design space, chorus room, and a new cybersecurity program among other amenities. Supt. Chambers says, “The building is designed to be a space for the community. We want community partners to work with students on performances, professional conferences, and more, so that’s the vision behind it. We want the space to be a beacon for the community and there’s no one person better to lead it than Principal Brink.”

FSUS is the FSU College of Education’s developmental research school with 1,700 students in attendance K-12. The school is operated under a charter agreement by FSU and provides a venue for educational research, curriculum innovation, educator development, and statement reform efforts.

For more information on Florida State University Schools, please visit https://www.fsus.school.