Thank you for the SWEET ride! We spent the morning of March 6 surprising our dedicated Leon County Schools’ 183 bus drivers and assistants who we entrust to deliver our kids safely to and from school each day.

We had such a wonderful time with these amazing individuals while sharing some delicious treats. We take pride in honoring these men and women who facilitate our children’s education and other activities day in and day out; we don’t know what we would do without them!

We would also like to specifically honor and recognize eight incredible bus drivers who have devoted their professional careers to servicing our community for over 35 years! These drivers were awarded with personal plaques that highlight their outstanding dedication and hard work.

James Holiday 35 years

Rossie Taylor 37.5 years

Mercedes Pleas 39 years

Emma Paremore 42 years

Sharon Donaldson 43 years

Clara Palmer 43.5 years

Annie McGee 44 years

Hattie Paul 47 years

From all of us here at Scott & Wallace, we applaud your commitment. Leon County, please join us in celebrating these individuals and the entire Leon County Schools Transportation Team!