Top Apps to Encourage Safe Driving

Texting and driving is one of the biggest causes of car accidents in the US. As such, it is also illegal in most states. Naturally, in the minds of most people, technology is to blame for this data. However, technology can have a different role in this story as well: the role of keeping you safe.

There are many apps you can use to prevent distracted driving. They all work following a simple general rule: making your phone inaccessible while you are driving.

Below, you will find a list of the top apps that encourage safe driving. Read on to find out how they can make technology work for you instead of against you.


This app works by silencing all your calls, texts, and alerts as soon as your car exceeds 15 mph. DriveMode can send auto-replies, or you can just check your notifications when you are safe and off the road.

While the app is running, you can still play music and use your navigation tools. Additionally, the app is great for parents of teenage children. The parents can sign up and receive alerts if the app is ever turned off or disabled.

The app is free, and it works on both Android and iOS.


EverDrive makes you drive safe by bringing competitiveness into the mix. It allows you to compete with your friends, family, or any other drivers to determine who is the safest driver in your group.

It rates your speed, braking, cornering, and acceleration, paired with your phone use. The app then gives you a score that you can compare with others. It is also free, and you can use it on your iPhone or Android.


LifeSaver is another free android and iOS app that is great for employers or parents. It allows you to see fleet driver performance, as well as any safe driving violations. The app also has a special rewards system for drivers who dont violate regulations.

TrueMotion Family

This app is perfect for families, as its name suggests. It allows you to see how each family member performs when it comes to safe driving and offers suggestions on who should be more careful.

Everyone can see who texted while driving, and that person loses points when they do so. Each trip you take is then graded on a scale of 0 to 100.

The app is free, and you can get it on the android or the iOS app store.


Most people text and drive because their messages are urgent or important, and they need to answer them immediately. Luckily, this app lets you answer all your calls and texts while still keeping you safe.

It will send automated replies that you can customize. Additionally, it also allows you to text using voice typing. That way, youll be safe even if you have to send a regular text instead of an automatic one.

This app is free, but it has one downside: it only works on android phones.

A Few Parting Words

As you have read, there are many apps you can use to prevent distracted driving. Using these will keep you and everyone around you safe and keep you from breaking any laws. Hopefully, our picks help you find the best app for you. Good luck, and stay safe.