Reasons for Auto Accident Claim Delay or Denial

If you find yourself in a tough situation where your auto accident claim is delayed or denied, it is important to quickly contact an attorney. Always be sure to consult with an attorney or you could wind up paying for something that you shouldn’t have to pay!


Five reasons for your claim delay or denial:

  • You don’t have an attorney
    • Having an attorney is critical for three reasons: 1. Your attorney ensures that all claim materials are filed accurately and timely, 2. Your attorney ensures that all applicable insurance is identified, and the carrier(s) are placed on notice of your claim, and 3. Your attorney ensures that the insurance company(s) review your claim timely and pay you fairly. Additionally, as you will read below, your attorney can do even more!
  • Lapse in coverage
    • This is due to a lack of payment by an insured to the insurance company. If insurance premiums are not paid on time or at all, an insurer has a legal reason to deny coverage.
    • However, your attorney can investigate this. There are grace periods for coverage!
  • Third-party liability claim
    • This often involves a dispute over who is at fault for the accident. For example, you claim that the light was green, and the other driver denies it. Determining who is liable in this situation can be extremely difficult and can result in claim denial.
    • But your attorney can investigate and help establish liability!
  • Acts of God
    • This term is used for natural disasters such as floods, storms, earthquakes, and more events that are not always covered. However, Florida law is clear that when the negligence of a person acts in concert with an Act of God, liability can still be established.
    • Your attorney can help prove this!
  • Failure to seek immediate medical attention
    • For entitlement to PIP coverage, you must seek medical attention immediately after the accident. According to Florida Statutes, you have 14 days to see a doctor after an auto accident.
    • Your attorney can assist in finding you appropriate medical care!


There are many situations in which your claim may be delayed or denied, but all can be overcome by simply hiring an attorney. If you are confused about your insurance policy or believe that your claim should be paid fairly, contact an attorney at Scott & Wallace for help.


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