Bicycle and Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Who is Typically at Fault in a Car Accident with a Bike or Pedestrian?

In warmer climates, there are often higher chances of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. Bicycling is increasing in many cities throughout Florida and the U.S. as more people turn to cycling for exercise, inexpensive transportation, and recreation.

These accidents often occur in parking lots, intersections, and crosswalks. Even though walkers and cyclists have the right-of-way in these areas, distracted drivers often violate these rules of the road. Florida led the nation in the number of pedal cyclists’ deaths in 2017. According to the NHTSA, 125 pedal cyclist fatalities were reported in Florida during 2017.

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents: Who is at Fault?

Some drivers think walkers and cyclists are to blame when an accident occurs. However unsafe cyclists and walkers are actually the exception rather than a rule. The vast majority of pedestrians and bike riders abide by the laws and rules and take safety measures seriously. Most traffic accidents happen because of distracted driving.

To minimize the occurrence of these accidents, more safety education is necessary drivers. When driving in area where interaction with pedestrians or bicyclists is likely, drivers should look twice and practice defensive driving. It’s through utilizing these safe driving practices that we will enhance the safety of all those on our roadways, regardless of the type of transport they choose.


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