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Burn Injury

Being the victim of a burn injury can be a life-shattering event. Last year, in the United States alone, over 450,000 burn victims received medical attention. Even more shocking is that 3,500 of these victims lost their lives due to their injuries.

Burn injuries are not uncommon and can come from a variety of sources. The following are the various types of burns, as noted by the American Burn Association:

These burns are the most common burn injuries. Scalds are a result of skin coming into contact with very hot liquids including oils. Oil scalds are usually more serious because oil can reach temperatures much higher than water and it usually will remain on the skin longer. Additionally, hot steam can be the source of a scald.

These are flash and/or flame burns. These are the second most common cause of burn injuries. Flash burns occur when there is an explosion from natural gas, propane, or gasoline. This explosion creates flash flames, which result in very intense heat over a short period of time. Nonetheless, these flash flames can cause a very serious burn injury.

Contact burns occur when skin comes into contact with objects that are at very high temperatures such as metal, plastic, glass, hot coals, or other materials. Contact burns are a very common type of burn injury.

Coming into contact with live electrical wires or unprotected outlets can result in a serious burn injury. The severity of the burn depends on the intensity of the electrical current running through the wires and the duration of exposure.

Exposure to certain chemicals can result in a serious burn injury. Often these kinds of accidents occur during industrial accidents, but many victims sustain chemical burns at their homes.

This type of burn injury usually results from extreme exposure to the sun or prolonged use or exposure of tanning bed equipment.

Inhalation Injury: 
These types of injuries occur when a person is exposed to toxic gas or fumes from a fire or chemical in an enclosed space. This exposure can cause serious respiratory injury and even death.

Burn injuries not only lead to agonizing pain, but can cause permanent physical and emotional scarring. Furthermore, victims of serious burn injuries carry the burden of extensive hospitalization, physical therapy, and even surgery. All the costs associated with treating these injuries can be enormous and can leave you or your loved ones in a hopeless amount of debt.

If you or a family member has suffered a serious burn injury because of the actions of someone else in North Florida or Southwest Georgia, then contact Scott & Wallace LLP immediately for a free consultation. You may be entitled to pain and suffering damages, compensation for past and future medical costs, and lost wages.

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