oil spill litigation • Scott & Wallace LLPThe BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is the greatest environmental disaster in United States history, and the oil spill litigation from this one incident will continue for years. Millions of Gulf residents have been impacted by this traumatic event. The livelihoods of many gulf residents have been lost as a result. An immeasurable amount of damage has been done to wildlife and ecosystems along the Gulf Coast. In short, the way of life on the Gulf Coast has been forever altered.

While it will take many years for the environmental damage to be remedied, businesses and individuals impacted by the oil spill are entitled to recovery now. Scott & Wallace is currently accepting claims related to the April 2010 oil spill from the BP platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

If you are a charter boat fishermen, commercial fishermen, hotel/motel owner, condominium association, restaurant owner, real estate management company, private property owner, or other business or individual who has lost money or the ability to make money due to the BP oil spill, contact us at Scott & Wallace to schedule a free consultation.