Nurse Paralegal Sabra Reyes Scott & Wallace LLP


Sabra serves as a Nurse Paralegal with Scott & Wallace LLP, one of only a few North Florida personal injury firms with a nurse on staff. Because of her medical background, she has become an incredible asset to the firm and her knowledge is a key component in our pursuit of a maximum recovery for each client.

According to the website WiseGeek.Com, “A nurse paralegal provides expert advice on legal matters involving medical or health issues.  She often provides counsel in both the public and private sectors.  A proficient nurse paralegal can normally peruse a document or narrative related to a medically-related claim or issue and assess its merit more quickly than a general practice attorney.  This is commonly attributed to her legal understanding and interpretation of medical terminology and medical industry jargon.  Legal and court cases involving claims of medical malpractice, personal injury lawsuits and worker’s compensation claims frequently ask for testimony from a nurse paralegal.”

Sabra began her career as a freelance paralegal. Over the years, she has worked for many prestigious medical malpractice and personal injury firms.

In addition to her 20+ years of legal experience, Sabra is a licensed nurse. She is also a Certified First Responder and Volunteer Fire Fighter.

Sabra lives in Tallahassee and has two children, a son serving in the Air Force in South Korea and a daughter attending Tallahassee Community College.