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Personal Injury

Every action a person takes has consequences. Because of this, our laws require people to conduct their affairs while using an appropriate amount of caution so that their actions do not bring about unwanted consequences.

Nonetheless, these laws are broken far too often, and when this occurs, serious personal injury, lost wages or income, and immense pain and suffering may follow.

Whether it is someone texting while driving, the owner of a business failing to properly train their employees, a bar owner failing to protect his patrons from criminal activity, or something as simple as an employee failing to clean a puddle of water in a grocery store aisle, when people don’t use reasonable care, other people suffer.

If you or a loved one are suffering from a serious personal injury as a result of someone else’s actions or you believe someone else’s actions contributed in causing an injury, the lawyers at Scott & Wallace can help. We have offices conveniently located in Florida and Georgia. We are prepared to talk to you about your case, investigate it thoroughly, and aggressively pursue the maximum compensation you deserve. You won’t pay anything unless we recover for you.

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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death or Accidental Death: In our practice we have represented many heartbroken families who have lost loved ones due to the careless actions of another. When these families entrusted us in their time of immense loss and grief, we vowed to them to not leave any stone unturned in our pursuit of justice. We believe we have kept our promise.

If you or your family has lost a loved one and you believe someone else is responsible for causing his or her death, please contact us immediately. A wrongful death action may be appropriate. We are ready and willing to speak to you about your options at no charge. Contact us today for a free consultation about your case.

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Car or Auto Accidents

Getting in your car and entering traffic is probably the most dangerous thing you do each day. Why? Because people do not exercise the same degree of caution and care on the roads as they do in other areas of their lives. This causes millions of auto accidents in the United States every year.

For most people, driving is part of their daily ritual. It is something they do every day, so they get “too comfortable” while doing it. When this happens, people fail to consider the consequences of their decisions. They will change lanes without signaling, run red lights, speed and break other traffic laws without concern. In addition, they will talk on their cell phones, text, switch out CDs, turn the knobs on their radios, eat, smoke, and do a variety of other things that distract them from driving safely.

When a driver doesn’t appreciate his or her surroundings, their car is transformed into a weapon. When this happens, people get injured. Auto accidents cost American consumers billions of dollars in damage, lost wages and medical bills every year.

Fortunately, the law holds drivers accountable when they cause an accident on the road. Unfortunately, the road to recovery for an injury caused by someone else’s negligence can be quite difficult and confusing. Florida’s no-fault law and the necessary involvement of insurance companies — personal injury protection (PIP), bodily injury insurance coverage (BI), and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage (UM) — require the consult and assistance of a competent personal injury lawyer.

At Scott & Wallace, we can provide that assistance in Florida and Georgia. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can and do cause serious personal injury and wrongful death. It is estimated that as many as 500,000 commercial trucking companies operate 15.5 million trucks, including 2 million tractor-trailers, in this country every year. Commercial trucks are involved in as many as 4,050 truck accident related deaths every year, more than 150 of which are caused by truck driver fatigue. While these numbers are certainly alarming, they do not even include accidents in which a commercial truck is involved, but no death occurs due to the truck accident.

Needless to say, though commercial trucking companies provide a valuable service, their trucks create more risk and danger on the roadways.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident in Florida or Georgia, contact us at Scott & Wallace. We can help.

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Motorcycle Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the last decade alone there have been over 290,000 motorcycle accidents. Of those, over 11,000 proved to be fatal. There are currently over 8 million motorcycles registered in the United States, representing 18.5 billion miles driven per year. According to the NHTSA, there were 24.93 fatalities from motorcycle accidents per 100,000 registered motorcycles in 2011. This number has dropped considerably from the earlier part of this decade, due in part to better safety equipment and motorist information programs encouraging drivers of other vehicles to watch out for motorcyclists.

Despite this decline in fatalities, the risk of injury and death while operating a motorcycle remain high. This is because there are more cars on the roads and more distractions to the drivers of those cars. Too often, an accident has occurred before the driver of a car has even seen the motorcyclist.

All drivers have a duty to drive responsibly, but some drivers do not take that duty seriously. Most automobile and motorcycle accidents are entirely preventable, so when an accident does occur it is generally because someone made a mistake. Those mistakes can cause serious pain and suffering, loss of income, emotional and psychological damage, and a host of other consequences.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident in North Florida or Southwest Georgia, the attorneys at Scott & Wallace in Tallahassee, Florida can help. Contact attorneys Robert Scott & Clint Wallace for a free consultation.

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Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

Although the law clearly affords pedestrians and bicyclists the right of way in many situations, drivers often fail to adhere to these laws. Their negligence can lead to very serious consequences. According to a 2011 report by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHSTA) there were 677 bicycle fatalities in the United States, which represents 2.1% of total traffic facilities. The majority of cyclist fatalities, 201 (30%), occurred between the hours of 4 PM and 7:59 PM. The number of cyclists killed in 2011 was 9 percent higher than the 623 cyclists killed in 2010.

The majority of cyclists killed or injured in 2011 were males, and the highest number of male fatalities were between 45 and 54. The state of Florida had the highest incident of cyclist fatalities per million population (6.56), nearly twice any other state.

Scott & Wallace LLP specializes in representing the interests of bicycle and pedestrian accidents in North Florida and Southwest Georgia.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in 2010, 4,280 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States, and another 70,000 pedestrians were injured. This averages to one crash-related pedestrian death every 2 hours, and a pedestrian injury every 8 minutes. Pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to be killed in a car crash on each trip.

If you or a loved one has been injured in such a situation, contact us. We can help. Contact the law office of Scott & Wallace LLP in Tallahassee for an immediate, complimentary review of your case.

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ATV Accidents

While four-wheelers, three-wheelers, gators, golf carts, and other recreational vehicles bring joy to thousands of people every day, negligent operation of these vehicles can cause severe injuries. Scott & Wallace LLP specializes in representing victims of ATV and Recreational Vehicle Accidents in North Florida and Southwest Georgia.

According to a federal government report “Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation in the United States and its Regions and States: An Update National Report from the National Survey on Recreation and the Environment (NSRE),” more than three quarters of a million off road vehicles (OHVs) vehicles were sold in 2003, and as of 2003 there were more than 5 million all terrain vehicles (ATVs) in the United States.

ATV and Recreational Vehicle Accidents are happening larger numbers, in part, because there are so many ATV and Recreational Vehicles is use today.

According to a U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission report, as of December 31, 2013, Consumer Product Safety Commission staff received reports of 11,001 ATV-related fatalities occurring between 1982 and 2010. Approximately one quarter of these fatalities were of children younger than 16 years of age. Of these, nearly half were younger than 12 years of age. In 2010 alone there were an estimated 115,000 ATV-related emergency department-treated injuries in the United States. About a quarter of these involved children younger than 16 years of age. Children younger than 12 years of age represent 14,100 of the ATV-related emergency department-treated injuries in 2010, which constitutes 12 percent of the total number of estimated injuries.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving an ATV or other recreational vehicle, contact us today. The attorneys at the law firm of Scott & Wallace LLP can help victims of ATV and recreational vehicle accidents.

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Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving is among the leading causes of auto accident deaths in the United States. More than 10,000 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in 2015 alone. That's an average of one death every fifty-one minutes. If you are hurt in a drunk driving accident -- we can help.

At Scott and Wallace, we represent those who have been injured by drunk drivers. We have successfully resolved thousands of accident claims for our clients. Don't wait. Call us today for a free consultation regarding your case.

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Company Vehicle Accidents

Company cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and fleet vehicles are used every day by employees to carry out their work functions. While useful for companies, these vehicles are also involved in thousands of accidents every day. If you were injured by accident involving a company vehicle, the driver's employer may be held responsible.

At Scott and Wallace, we are focused on handling accidents where a company vehicle is involved. Call now and discuss your case with us. It won't cost you a thing to see if we can help.

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Dog Attacks & Dog Bites

Dog owners in Florida and Georgia have a duty to prevent their dogs from causing harm to other people. In fact, when a dog causes injuries to a person, Florida and Georgia courts automatically hold the owner guilty of negligence, and the plaintiff must only prove that the dog caused the plaintiff’s injuries and the amount of damages. This relaxed standard is available whether a plaintiff is the victim of a dog bite or suffers injuries due to other acts by a dog.

Moreover, plaintiffs can even recover for injuries caused by a dog in situations where the dog does not touch that person. For instance, Florida and Georgia courts have placed liability upon a homeowner whose dog charged up to a fence barking and growling, which frightened children and caused one of them to run into the street where she was subsequently struck and killed by a car.

Dog attacks are traumatic events that can change a person’s life in an instant. If you or a loved one has been injured in a dog attack, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at Scott & Wallace to set up a free consultation in North Florida or Southwest Georgia.

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Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents or Trip and Fall Accidents come under the category of Premises Liability. When you enter someone else’s property, the owner of that property has a duty to make sure that property is free of danger. Whether it is a wet floor, a loose hand-rail, cracks in the sidewalk, or some other danger, property owners are responsible for taking the precautions necessary to protect their visitors. If they fail to protect their visitors, and someone is injured, property owners are held accountable.

If you have suffered from a slip and fall, trip and fall or some other type of accident on someone else’s property in North Florida or Southwest Georgia, contact us. The lawyers at Scott & Wallace, Robert Scott and Clint Wallace, are prepared to aggressively pursue your claim.

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Dangerous and/or Defective Products

There are many defective and dangerous products on the market that are unreasonably dangerous. In addition, there are far more products that have become dangerous over time due to manufacturing or design defects. Any household item can cause an injury if it is defective or dangerous.

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is an agency of the U.S. Federal Government charged with collecting, evaluating, and disseminating reports of known defective and dangerous products. Many of these defective and dangerous products are ultimately recalled, meaning that the manufacturers and distributors have an obligation to repair or replace defective and dangerous products.

If you or a loved one has been injured or harmed by defective and dangerous products, you should call the Law Office of Scott & Wallace LLP immediately. Our skilled attorneys in Tallahassee, Florida will evaluate your case in Florida or Southwest Georgia immediately. There is no charge to talk to us discuss your case. Robert Scott and Clint Wallace are here to help you. We fight for people injured by defective and dangerous products, and we will fight for you.

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Nursing Home Negligence

Many people entrust their family members to nursing homes or other assisted living programs when they can no longer care for themselves. The expectation is that these facilities will care for these vulnerable members of our families with compassion and love. Unfortunately, at times, compassion and love are the last things to be found at these facilities. Instead many family members are shocked to learn that their loved one has been neglected or abused while under the care of a nursing home or assisted living program.

If you or a loved one who currently resides (or previously resided) in a nursing home or other living assistance program, and your loved one has died from or is currently suffering from bedsores, dehydration, malnutrition, sexual or physical abuse, or some other illness or injury while under the care of a nursing home or other assisted living program, please contact us immediately. We can help. We offer free consultations and there are no fees or costs unless we win.

Contact the lawyers at Scott & Wallace today.

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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a serious issue in the United States. The law states that doctors are held to a higher standard of care when practicing medicine than the ordinary reasonable care owed by a lay person in conducting his or her daily affairs. This is most likely because doctors’ patients are very vulnerable when seeking doctors’ opinions. As a result, when a doctor fails to maintain this heightened standard of care, the consequences can be disastrous. At Scott & Wallace, we handle medical malpractice cases for our clients. The legal profession serves as a check on accountability in the medical profession, and Scott & Wallace is here to represent your interests in the event that you are harmed by your medical provider.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a medical provider, it is important that you contact us immediately. Due to statute of limitations (i.e., how long you have to file your medical malpractice lawsuit) issues, you may only have a short period of time to file a case. It is important that you contact Scott & Wallace immediately so that we can timey research your potential medical malpractice case and let you know the best way to proceed.

At Scott & Wallace, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your case with you. Don’t let the complexity of the medical field make you a victim of negligence. Contact us today for a free consultation in North Florida or Southwest Georgia.

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Dangerous Drugs

The Federal Drug Administration is constantly approving new drugs to be put on the market. However, FDA approval does not always mean that these medications are completely safe. Defective drugs that make it into the market can cause serious injury or death. Deadly side-effects are often missed during clinical research and trial of many drugs. Additionally, incorrect dosages can turn a primarily safe drug into a killer.

If you or a loved one is suffering from the terrible side-effects associated with the use of Paxil, Vioxx, Baycol, Fen-Phen, Accutane, Yasmin, or host of other defective arthritis, diet, antidepressant, or cholesterol medications or vaccines, contact the personal injury law firm of Scott & Wallace LLP for a free consultation in Florida or Southwest Georgia.

Contact attorneys Robert Scott and Clint Wallace — we can help.

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Train Accidents

Because of the sheer size and power of a train engine, its cars, and all its working parts, accidents involving trains are some of the most catastrophic accidents that occur. In fact, according to the Federal Railroad Administration, in the last ten years there have been almost 200 train accidents in Florida involving death or injury. Even more staggering, there have already been 20 such accidents this year.

There are many reasons why these accidents occur. Causes can be as simple as conductor fatigue or misconduct, or as complicated as computer malfunctions. At Scott & Wallace, we can handle these complex investigations in North Florida and Southwest Georgia. Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help.

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Aviation Accidents

General aviation safety has improved greatly, and flying has become safer than ever before. Nevertheless, aviation accidents still occur. According to National Transport Safety Board data, there were 1554 civil aviation accidents in the United States in 2009. According to this report, “Most general aviation accidents involve personal flights in single-engine airplanes. The volume of personal flying has declined substantially over the past decade, while the number of accidents has remained relatively flat, thus the accident rates have trended higher. The total accident rate per 100,000 flight hours is above 12, while the fatal accident rate is slightly above 2 per 100,000 flight hours.”

According to a report by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the Top 10 Leading Causes of Fatal General Aviation Accidents (2001-2011) are:

1. Loss of Control Inflight
2. Controlled Flight Into Terrain
3. System Component Failure – Powerplant
4. Low Altitude Operations
5. Unknown or Undetermined
6. Other
7. Fuel Related
8. System Component Failure – Non-Powerplant
9. Midair Collisions
10. Windshear or Thunderstorm

Human (pilot or controller) error and mechanical failures are two leading causes of aviation accidents. Some of these causes are preventable, and failing to prevent them can lead to liability on the part of participants in aviation related activities. While flying continues to be relatively safe, there is little margin for error when operating a plane. Because of the physical forces, speed, and heights involved, when aviation accidents do occur, they tend to result in severe injuries or death.

Aviation accidents are traumatic and catastrophic. At Scott & Wallace, we are prepared to handle your case in North Florida and Southwest Georgia. Whether you or a loved one has been involved in an aviation accident involving a commercial airliner, a small personal aircraft, or even a helicopter, we can help. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Industrial Accidents

Many of America’s finest work in plants and textile mills every day, and they are too often at risk for industrial accidents. Without these workers, however, we would simply not have the necessities of life that we too often take for granted. It is our obligation as a society to ensure that they are safe at work, and it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that employees and others present on job sites are safe from the risk of industrial accidents. At Scott & Wallace, we understand the sacrifice these workers make. We understand the extensive hours they work and the dangers they face just doing what they do.

According to data collected by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) - Worker Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities:

4,609 workers were killed on the job in 2011 [BLS revised 2011 workplace fatality data*] (3.5 per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers)—almost 90 a week or nearly 13 deaths every day. (This is the third lowest annual total since the fatal injury census was first conducted in 1992).

749 Hispanic or Latino workers were killed from work-related injuries in 2011—more than 14 deaths a week or two Latino workers killed every single day of the year, all year long.

Fatal work injuries involving contractors accounted for 12 percent of all fatal work injuries in 2011. Hispanic or Latino contractors accounted for 28 percent of fatal work injuries among contractors—well above their 16 percent share of the overall fatal work injury total in 2011.

Construction’s “Fatal Four”:

Out of 4,188* worker fatalities in private industry in calendar year 2011, 738 or 17.6% were in construction. The leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites were falls, followed by electrocution, struck by object, and caught-in/between. These “Fatal Four” were responsible for nearly three out of five (56%) construction worker deaths in 2011*, BLS reports. Eliminating the Fatal Four would save 419 workers’ lives in America every year.

Falls – 259 out of 738 total deaths in construction in CY 2011 (35%)
Electrocutions – 69 (9%)
Struck by Object – 73 (10%)
Caught-in/between – 18 (2%)

Top 10 Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards Violated in FY 2012 (The following were the top 10 most frequently cited standards by Federal OSHA in fiscal year 2012:

Fall protection, construction (29 CFR 1926.501)
Hazard communication standard, general industry (29 CFR 1910.1200)
Scaffolding, general requirements, construction (29 CFR 1926.451)
Respiratory protection, general industry (29 CFR 1910.134)
Control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout), general industry (29 CFR 1910.147)
Powered industrial trucks, general industry (29 CFR 1910.178)
Electrical, wiring methods, components and equipment, general industry (29 CFR 1910.305)
Ladders, construction (29 CFR 1926.1053)
Machines, general requirements, general industry (29 CFR 1910.212)
Electrical systems design, general requirements, general industry (29 CFR 1910.303)

If you or a loved one has been injured in an industrial accident in North Florida or Southwest Georgia, let the lawyers at Scott & Wallace help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Construction Litigation

Construction projects are often complex undertakings that involve numerous parties, such as owners, developers, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, material men, suppliers, laborers, insurance companies and others. The rights and obligations of the parties to a construction project can be defined by contract law and general principals of tort law. In addition, the parties involved in construction projects are subject to a myriad of federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Scott & Wallace is experienced in navigating the legal issues that can arise during the course of a construction project in Southwest Georgia. If you are having a licensing issue, contemplating filing a bid protest or claim of lien, seeking recovery for an injury or death related to a construction project, or have other construction issues, we are here to help. Contact Robert Scott & Clint Wallace today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your construction litigation case.

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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies are self-interested, which is why it is necessary for the Law Office of Scott & Wallace LLP to sometimes pursue insurance and bad faith claims. Insurance companies profit by delaying payment on good faith claims, because delay makes them money. Insurance companies receive thousands of claims every day and wrongfully delay or even deny many of them in order to save money. Because few people actually dispute their claim with the insurer, insurance companies are able to retain millions of dollars by denying, delaying, and underpaying claims. Such delays often constitute bad faith claims.

If an insurance company refuses to pay your claim, denies payment, offers an insufficient payment amount, or unreasonably delays payment of your claim, contact us to set up a free consultation. We fight bad faith claims for our clients.

Here at Scott & Wallace LLP, we believe that consumers should receive what they are promised. We live by this simple code–it is how we conduct our business. Unfortunately, corporate greed and ineptitude sometimes cause big insurance companies to lose sight of this very basic principle of fair dealing. As a Tallahassee based law firm, Scott & Wallace LLP is ideally situated to pursue claims against big insurance companies in Florida and Southwest Georgia. This isn’t something that you want to try to take on by yourself. Insurance companies often count on customers to simply roll over and take the mistreatment. By retaining a lawyer with Scott & Wallace of Tallahassee, Florida, you will be ahead of the curve by taking a step that most victims of insurance and bad faith claims never take.

The lawyers at Scott & Wallace will review your policy and determine whether you have a bad faith claim against your insurer. If so, we will fight to recover the benefits of the policy for the claim, consequential losses and damages suffered for emotional distress, lost income, and punitive damages.

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Sexual Harassment

Being the victim of sexual harassment can be a very troubling and emotional time for any man or woman. Unwanted sexual advances or remarks can make any working environment effectively unworkable. Most sexual harassment claims are advanced under one of two theories: (1) the sexual harassment has led to a hostile working environment or (2) the sexual harassment is quid pro quo harassment.

When sexual harassment leads to a hostile working environment, the following behavior(s) are usually demonstrated by the harasser:

• Inappropriate sexual contact or touching
• Verbal harassment such as sexual jokes or derogatory remarks
• Exposure to sexual or pornographic images
• Exposure to derogatory treatment based on gender
• Retaliation for reporting harassment

Quid pro quo harassment is a form of harassment that occurs when a co-worker, manager, or supervisor demands sexual favors in exchange for continued employment, a promotion, raise, bonuses, or refuge from disciplinary action or demotion.

We understand that most victims of sexual harassment decide not to report their case because they fear repercussions at work, rejection, and retaliation. Fortunately, there are many federal and state laws that provide protection to victims of sexual harassment.

With our help, you can make the harassment stop. With our help, you may be able to recover monetary damages for the torment you have endured. If you believe you have been the victim of sexual harassment in North Florida or Southwest Georgia, contact the law offices of Scott & Wallace LLP immediately and get the help you deserve.

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Overtime Wage & Hour

Many people are not aware that federal and state laws require employers to pay most employees 1.5 times their hourly rate for any time worked in excess of 40 hours in a week. Additionally, many overtime violations go unreported because the employee is afraid that they will be fired or demoted if they report an overtime violation.

If you are denied overtime payments or were not paid properly by your employer, the attorneys at Scott & Wallace can help. Federal law prohibits an employer from retaliating against you for bringing an overtime claim against them. The law protects employees from being fired, demoted, given less hours or given a less desirable work schedule in retaliation for bringing a wage and hour claim. Generally, there is a two-year statute of limitations on overtime cases, which means that an employee can recover the amount of money that he or she should have been paid for overtime during the past two years. However, if the employer purposely broke the law, then the employee may be able to recover monies owed for overtime worked over the past three years.

If you think that your employer has not paid you the required time and a half pay for overtime hours, contact an attorney at Scott & Wallace. We take our cases on a contingency fee, which means there is no financial risk to you if we do not recover money for you.

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Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury can be one of the most devastating and life-changing injuries a person can incur. Unfortunately, this kind of injury commonly occurs because of the negligent actions of another person.

The catastrophic injury associated with a spinal cord injury include paraplegia, paralysis from the waist down, or worse a quadriplegia, paralysis from the neck down.

Accidents that most commonly result in a spinal cord injury include automobile, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents. Other common causes of a spinal cord injury include medical or surgical error, terrible falls, violence, and sports injury.

Each year over 11,000 people suffer devastating spinal cord injuries, leaving victims and families overwhelmed with emotional turmoil and insurmountable medical expenses. To date, most spinal cord injuries remain incurable and leave victims in a disabled state for the remainder of their lives. Therefore, if you or a family member has been the victim of a spinal cord injury caused by the actions someone else in North Florida or Southwest Georgia, call us immediately. You should not have to bear this burden alone. The lawyers of Scott & Wallace LLP can help get the compensation you deserve.

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Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in the blink of an eye and sometimes result in debilitating lifelong conditions or death. According to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year approximately 1.7 million Americans sustain traumatic brain injuries, in which 52,000 are fatal. These injuries result in 275,000 hospitalizations and make up nearly a third of all injury related deaths each year. In most cases, traumatic brain injuries are caused by auto accidents and terrible falls. Brain injuries can also occur due to medical negligence during a patient’s medical care. If a patient is misdiagnosed or has a threatening problem that is not treated properly, a brain injury can result.

Children aged 0 to 4 years old, older adolescents aged 15 to 19, and adults aged 65 years and older are most likely to sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Almost half a million emergency department visits for TBI are made annually by children aged 0 to 14 years. Adults aged 75 years and older have the highest rates of TBI-related hospitalization and death.

According to the Brain Trauma Foundation:

• At least 5.3 million Americans, 2% of the U.S. population, currently live with disabilities resulting from TBI.
• Moderate & severe head injury (respectively) is associated with a 2.3 and 4.5 times increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
• Males are about twice as likely as females to experience a TBI.
• The leading causes of TBI are falls, motor vehicle crashes, struck by or against events, and assaults, respectively.

Brain injuries are a very traumatic injury that usually leads to years of medical bills, loss of wages, and psychological and physical pain and suffering. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a brain injury in North Florida or Southwest Georgia, please contact our office for a free consultation.

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Birth Injury

Each year thousands of newborn babies are inflicted with birth injuries caused by health care providers. Birth injuries are physical injuries that often occur due to medical negligence during pregnancy, the birthing process, or even after birth. Birthing injuries can vary in severity from being a short-term injury to a mental and/or physical disability that can last a lifetime. Many times a birth injury can require a lifetime of support from family and expensive medical care.

Listed below are common forms of birth injuries:

• Cerebral palsy
• Erb’s Palsy (also referred to as Brachial Palsy)
• Bleeding in the brain
• Mental retardation
• Injury due to oxygen deprivation
• Brain swelling
• Facial nerve damage
• Skull fractures
• Paralysis
• Brachial plexus damage
• Infection

Unfortunately, medical malpractice occurs every day in our country and affects millions of people. If your child was born with a birth injury that you believe may have been caused by medical negligence, you should contact us today for a free consultation. Your family may be entitled to pain and suffering damages, compensation for past and future medical costs, and lost work wages in North Florida and Southern Georgia.

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Burn Injury

Being the victim of a burn injury can be a life-shattering event. Last year, in the United States alone, over 450,000 burn victims received medical attention. Even more shocking is that 3,500 of these victims lost their lives due to their injuries.

Burn injuries are not uncommon and can come from a variety of sources. The following are the various types of burns, as noted by the American Burn Association:

Scalds: These burns are the most common burn injuries. Scalds are a result of skin coming into contact with very hot liquids including oils. Oil scalds are usually more serious because oil can reach temperatures much higher than water and it usually will remain on the skin longer. Additionally, hot steam can be the source of a scald.

Thermal: These are flash and/or flame burns. These are the second most common cause of burn injuries. Flash burns occur when there is an explosion from natural gas, propane, or gasoline. This explosion creates flash flames, which result in very intense heat over a short period of time. Nonetheless, these flash flames can cause a very serious burn injury.

Contact: Contact burns occur when skin comes into contact with objects that are at very high temperatures such as metal, plastic, glass, hot coals, or other materials. Contact burns are a very common type of burn injury.

Electrical: Coming into contact with live electrical wires or unprotected outlets can result in a serious burn injury. The severity of the burn depends on the intensity of the electrical current running through the wires and the duration of exposure.

Chemical: Exposure to certain chemicals can result in a serious burn injury. Often these kinds of accidents occur during industrial accidents, but many victims sustain chemical burns at their homes.

Ultraviolet: This type of burn injury usually results from extreme exposure to the sun or prolonged use or exposure of tanning bed equipment.

Inhalation Injury: These types of injuries occur when a person is exposed to toxic gas or fumes from a fire or chemical in an enclosed space. This exposure can cause serious respiratory injury and even death.

Burn injuries not only lead to agonizing pain, but can cause permanent physical and emotional scarring. Furthermore, victims of serious burn injuries carry the burden of extensive hospitalization, physical therapy, and even surgery. All the costs associated with treating these injuries can be enormous and can leave you or your loved ones in a hopeless amount of debt.

If you or a family member has suffered a serious burn injury because of the actions of someone else in North Florida or Southwest Georgia, then contact Scott & Wallace LLP immediately for a free consultation. You may be entitled to pain and suffering damages, compensation for past and future medical costs, and lost wages.

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