Scott & Wallace LLP • Dog Bite • Dog AttackDog owners in Florida and Georgia have a duty to prevent their dogs from causing harm to other people. In fact, when a dog causes injuries to a person, Florida and Georgia courts automatically hold the owner guilty of negligence, and the plaintiff must only prove that the dog caused the plaintiff’s injuries and the amount of damages. This relaxed standard is available whether a plaintiff is the victim of a dog bite or suffers injuries due to other acts by a dog.

Moreover, plaintiffs can even recover for injuries caused by a dog in situations where the dog does not touch that person. For instance, Florida and Georgia courts have placed liability upon a homeowner whose dog charged up to a fence barking and growling, which frightened children and caused one of them to run into the street where she was subsequently struck and killed by a car.

Dog attacks are traumatic events that can change a person’s life in an instant. If you or a loved one has been injured in a dog attack, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at Scott & Wallace to set up a free consultation in North Florida or Southwest Georgia. Call us or use the contact form (“Free Case Analysis & Review”) on this webpage.