Comparative Negligence:

The Verdict is brought to you by the Tallahassee personal injury law firm of Scott and Wallace. Hi I’m Robert Scott, this is Clint Wallace and we’re personal injury lawyers of Scott and Wallace and we’re here to answer a viewer question. Clint, this one is interesting because it came through our iPhone app. Heather from Tallahassee asked, “What is comparative negligence?”

That’s a good question, Heather.  Florida is a pure comparative fault state, what that means is when there is a situation when someone is negligent we ask a jury to apportion fault amongst all the parties. In addition, the jury can apportion fault to parties that aren’t part of the lawsuit. Therefore when a jury returns their verdict they assign fault to each of the parties and the non-parties, and each party is responsible for paying that percentage of the judgment. As always, if you’ve been injured in an accident, due to someone else’s negligence, contact Scott and Wallace today to learn what your options are.

Heather, that’s your verdict.