Birth Injury • Scott & Wallace LLPEach year thousands of newborn babies are inflicted with birth injuries caused by health care providers.  Birth injuries are physical injuries that often occur due to medical negligence during pregnancy, the birthing process, or even after birth. Birthing injuries can vary in severity from being a short-term injury to a mental and/or physical disability that can last a lifetime. Many times a birth injury can require a lifetime of support from family and expensive medical care.

Listed below are common forms of birth injuries:

• Cerebral palsy
• Erb’s Palsy (also referred to as Brachial Palsy)
• Bleeding in the brain
• Mental retardation
• Injury due to oxygen deprivation
• Brain swelling
• Facial nerve damage
• Skull fractures
• Paralysis
• Brachial plexus damage
• Infection

Unfortunately, medical malpractice occurs every day in our country and affects millions of people. If your child was born with a birth injury that you believe may have been caused by medical negligence, you should contact us today for a free consultation. Your family may be entitled to pain and suffering damages, compensation for past and future medical costs, and lost work wages in North Florida and Southern Georgia.